Anson Taylor

Teacher, principal, director of education. Anson Taylor held many posts throughout his career, but the well-being and the learning potential of the students at the Scarborough Board of Education were always his top priorities.

Appointed to the role of Director of Education in 1961, Mr. Taylor oversaw the building of 100 new schools and hired more than 7,000 new teachers in the City of Scarborough. Realizing that some students wouldn't be pursuing a career based on academics, Mr. Taylor opened three occupational and vocational schools: Bendale Business and Technical Institute, Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute and Robert L. Borden.

The same was done for students who were coming through special education programs at the elementary school level. Taylor realized the need to create less academically challenging schools was great and under his watch three schools were erected: Maplewood High School, Sir William Osler High School and Tabor Park Vocational School.

He also recruited psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers to support principals and teachers and assess students who displayed learning difficulties - a very modern and unprecedented move at the time.

Upon his retirement, his commitment to education was honoured with the opening of a new school called the Anson S. Taylor JR. Public School. For the next 23 years an award in his name was given to teachers who displayed outstanding qualities in the classroom.

Anson Taylor died on July 9, 2007 at Providence Heath Care, six months after suffering a broken collar bone.

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