2013 Stars 


Barenaked Ladies  – Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, Tyler Stewart – Entertainment

Christine Bentley – Community

Dwayne Morgan – Arts and Culture

Judie Oliver – Sports

Gerry Phillips – Community

Scarborough Historical Society – Lionel Purcell, Richard Schofield – Community

Monika Schnarre – Arts and Culture




2011 Stars 


Peter Appleyard – Entertainment

Dr. Vicki Bismilla – Education

Lawrence Gowan – Entertainment

Jay C. Hope –  Community

Dr. Dhun Noria – Health and Science

Dr. Harold Stein – Health and Science

Ron Watson – Community




2009 Stars


Marilyn Denis – Entertainment

Dwayne De Rosario – Sports

Gordon Deval – Sports

Lois James – Environment

Debra McGrath – Entertainment

Don Montgomery – Community (awarded posthumously)




2008 Stars


Dr. Sheela Basrur – Health and Science

Earl Campbell – Education

Deborah Cox – Entertainment

Ben Heppner – Entertainment

Rick Middleton – Sports

John Wimbs – Community




2007 Stars


James Bamford – Community

Johnny Cowell – Arts and Culture

Dr. Ming-Tat Cheung – Community

Bob Hunter – Environment

Cindy Nicholas – Sports

Anson Taylor – Education




2006 Stars


Dr. Lloyd Carlsen – Health and Science

Dr. R. H. King – Education

Dr. Charles C. Macklin – Science

Jamaal Magloire – Sports

Doris McCarthy – Arts and Culture  *new bio for McCarthy see below

David Onley – Community

Vicky Sunohara – Sports

David Thomson – Pioneer

Wes Williams – Entertainment

Dr. Joseph Y. K. Wong – Community

Born and raised in Scarborough, Monika Schnarre achieved international recognition at the age of 14 when she won the Ford Modeling Agency’s “Supermodel of the World” contest in 1986, becoming the youngest person to ever win that honour. By age 15 she was also the youngest person to have ever appeared on the cover of American Vogue and in the pages of the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


Monika spent her time working in New York, commuting home for school and studying. After graduating with honours from Woburn Collegiate High School, she enjoyed a short but remarkable modeling career and in 1989, wrote a book about her experiences entitled, Monika: Between You and Me. 


At the age of 18, Monika moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, appearing in over 50 films and television programs. She studied journalism at UCLA and worked as a correspondent on a number of high profile projects including covering the red carpet during the Toronto International Film Festival. 


Ever conscious of what she represented to the young people in her community, Monika moved back to Toronto and became an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build program. Currently she is creating a global Monika Schnarre brand of eyewear, jewelry and skin care product lines.